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The end is nigh.
But in a good way.


Inside the ricketyroom, contemporary arts cease to exist as we create visual, acoustic, and literary media experiences without the concept of time or artificial boundaries. For behold, the apocalypse takes many forms in the eyes of imagination.

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These articles explore the shenanigans, we're most proud of, in meticulous detail.

How Ideas Form

How Ideas Form

To paraphrase something Michelangelo reportedly stated: forms are embedded inside matter – one only has to bring them to the surface. Robertson Käppeli, founder of the ricketyroom, had the idea for this art movement floating around his subconscious for years. It took a journey into a strange land, a transformation of ideas and fermentation, in order to bring it to light. This is an origin story in fast motion.
Megalomania Of A First Release

Megalomania Of A First Release

We can with near certainty claim that no one has in the last couple of decades released a first novel the way we did as artisanal, leather bound and gilded thome. What seems to be complete insanity at a first inspection, and the second because it simply is quite lunatic, is at the same time our love letter to literature and craftsmanship.
The Mad Science Of Change

The Mad Science Of Change

Our featured band Aniyo Kore has gone through various stages of creative reinvention. What started out as experimental trip-hop duo, has gone through an avantgardist stoner-rock phase to become – well, something completely different. We used this meditative moment in their band venture for an interview, which we equally want to present as introduction – from headbangers to teardrops.

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