ricketyroom digital gallery. showroom & portals to other dimensions.


A glorious holy of holies awaits you.

Our virtual gallery, powered by state of the art cloud-computing and Unreal Engine 5, allows you to see art like never before, with a mere mobile device or PC — without any download. Meet our AI-augmented character Kleio, who will guide you through these sacred walls. But beware, there also lurks danger. Some fiends might not be happy about your presence. Register to find out.

A Gallery Like No Other

Immerse yourself in our digital gallery, and look at a large selection of the catalogue of all of our artists in 3D. Cutting edge gaming technology will let you enjoy our work in photorealistic graphics. Built by ourselves and finalized by game-designers, you can now look at art from all angles on your black mirror.

Most advanced AI character

Inside our virtual showroom, you will encounter Kleio, an AI-enhanced character, based on the main character of Kleio.exe, our first book release. Her AI is powered by inworldAI, arguably the most advanced AI game-character solution out there, More than a machine. Let her enchant you with her wit.

So much to discover

We have placed hidden details and easter eggs for days. Feel free to roam around, and see what we have in store for you, also in respect of our future. Those, who like to idle, shall be warned. Something in there loves to snatch a passive visitor. And Kleio won't be able to help. She's as powerless as you are, just with more plot armor, as she would say.

Begin your journey here!

Between you and your call to adventure lies a subscription.

Credits go out to the folks on Sketchfab

Rose by Lassi Kaukonen

Skull by Martinjario

Bonsai by Evan Legrand

Alien Plant by Nicola Hynes

Turntables by Igor Harmendani

Analog Synthesizer by Kendrick Russell

Grand Piano by Amatsukast

Studio Mixer by Kurzma Solntsev

Metal Les Paul Guitar by Kaysadilla

Fender Stratocaster by Andersonfo

Marshall Guitar Amp by D3

Acoustic Guitar by Pezcurrel

Drum Kit by Heataker

Gibson Guitar by Ryan Nein

Delay Pedal by Ryan Nein

Fuzz Pedal by Ryan Nein

Fender Bass Amp by Ryan Nein

Guitar Pedal by Pau

Guitar Stand by DeepDown

Folk Guitar by Jérémy Duchesne

Sitar by hundsgugel

Cat tree by cartawampus

Tentacle by leunamanuelgc

Isis by Cleveland Museum of Art

Harpocrates by Minneapolis Institute of Art

Earth 3D model by Aditya Graphical