We can with near certainty claim that no one has released a first novel the way we did over the last couple of decades: as artisanal, leather bound and gilded thome. What seems to be complete insanity at a first inspection, and the second because it simply is quite lunatic, is at the same time our love letter to literature and craftsmanship.

A scenic establishing shot isn't nearly as dynamic as one would think, after realizing how the traffic in Paris is a total nightmare. But at least there were plenty of things to look at, especially when one is usually surrounded by the Swiss Alps of Davos. Certainly a stunning view for a nature lover, but also a place, where you have a real possibility of starving culturally. When ricketyroom artist and founder Robertson Käppeli, known as master of materials, travelled to Paris, one of the cultural hearts, if not the sacred heart of Europe, to accompany star-photographer and artist Peter Knapp to his second home, no one could have told, which dimensions he soon would venture to. It was at a local store for book supplies, where he looked for local book makers, a wall stacked with business cards, where one in particular stuck out from. A black card with the name: Gregory Gobillot.

A master of his craft

Based in the heart of the city itself, at the picturesque place dauphine in direct sight of the Notr Dame, inside an inconspicuous house, is a master bookmaker, spezialized in objects of desire. He took over the business from a long line of bookmakers. Usuallly those kind of businesses are inherited inside a family, but Gregory was able to take over, when the original owner's descendants didn't want to continue his work. Oh – those anecdotes, he shared with us would all be worth a story, but unfortunately the profession of a bookbinder turned out to be very secretive. So we weren't even allowed to take pictures of his work – that's what it's usually like in this niche.

A mad book project

To say, it's overkill to produce an edition such as ours, should still be an understatement for the author himself, even though, I was immediately hooked on the idea. But it also is a testament to the type of publishing house we'd like to establish. The book market has collapsed over the last two decades, mainly with the emergence of the web, and increased interest in more overstimulating or short lived kinds of media. That's why we chose to focus on high-end physical productions for readers, who appreciate a collector's item, while we also offer digital and audio version of our works, which are obtainable to anyone.

We fold art spaces into alternate dimensions.

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