Our featured band Aniyo Kore has gone through various stages of creative reinvention. What started out as experimental trip-hop duo, has gone through an avantgardist stoner-rock phase to become – well, something completely different. We used this meditative moment in their band venture for an interview, which we equally want to present as introduction – from headbangers to teardrops.

1. Allow us to introduce each one of you, and because it’s a bit more entertaining, use your stage names, role and your most eccentric personality trait as a title.

2. How did your dream of becoming a musician begin? And at what point did you realize that it could actually become a reality?

3. Please define your music in one sentence: what do you want to bring to the world? And how would you describe it, if you only had one word?

4. What does your usual songwriting process look like? Is there something like a usual procedure, and if not, in which ways does or can it unfold?

5. Please share one of the most unique experiences you’ve ever had on stage, and if it doesn’t involve something rather peculiar, was there ever something as a most bizarre experience?

6. Is there a something like a (attention wordplay) Kore principle for your band, and how would you spell it out?

7. You have recently embarked on a a new journey together. When did this start and where does it lead you?

8. Are you afraid of alienating your fanbase? Why not? And what would you (politely) tell those fans, who aren’t into your new sound?

9. Where do you guys usually find inspiration? Please share a couple of examples, also from individual perspectives (as always).

10. The threads of fate have brought you to us. What do you bring to the apocalyptic cause? And is there something else, you would like to add before the end?

We fold art spaces into alternate dimensions.

Tune into this cosmic song.

Thank you for travelling with ricketyroom.

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